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Web Design

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Graphic Design

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Google Ads Content

Google Ads Content

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Social Media

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Elevate your identity with a comprehensive branding overhaul from logos to color schemes.


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Hank has taken the reins of Eat Well Foods’ media needs and has proven a deft and unrelenting force. His command of language and clear vision of the brand that Eat Well Foods represents have combined to provide a clear and consistent message to the public at large as well as the relevant media. Hank’s consistent communication as regards his plans and implementations has afforded me the luxury of not having to spend much time on media concerns, allowing me to focus in other areas. That, above all else, is invaluable.

Mark Lew

Owner/Chef at Eat Well Foods

We hired Hank to write the sales copy for the website promoting our couples retreat Partners in Paradise. We met with him and in a short time felt like he synced up with our vision. By using Hank we were able to concentrate on other parts of our business, knowing we were in good hands. The copy we needed was provided quickly and Hank worked well with getting us the revisions and fine tuning we needed. We’d definitely recommend Hank Eder!

Rebekah Beneteau

Pleasure Evolution

As I would run across points of interest in the field, I would send Hank a rough outline of what my thoughts were and he would “work his magic,” as I would always say.

Hank monitored my entire social site as well as sending me news articles he thought would be of interest.

“I highly recommend Hank Eder to anyone that has a need for the “Best of the Best.

Jerry L. Carl

Former District 3 Commissioner, Mobile, Alabama; Currently US Congress Alabama District 1.

Hank Eder is a consummate media professional who I have worked with in the promotion of my Management Consulting firm, Meyer and Associates. I can recommend the work of Mr. Eder because he is very detail-oriented and astute at presenting information in a clear and concise formatted manner.

Joseph E. Meyer

President of Meyer and Associates, Editor of the Newsletter “Straight Money Analysis

I really enjoy working with you. You’re the best thing that’s happened to my business in a long time.

Ann E. Rosenbaum

Owner of Renaissance Moccasins

I call him my Web God!

Debbie Chapnick

Owner, Datura Press

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