28 August 2014
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Publicly Relating

These common blunders can kill your social marketing.

Do you use social networking to promote your business? Avoid these social taboos like the plague!

1) Political rants

Nothing sends your potential audience scrambling for the exits faster than partisan political “spewage.” Even if you believe your Senator is the incarnation of Satan, it’s better to just keep that within your circle of close friends. Political rants don’t win any converts to your point of view. At best, they are ignored; at worst, they alienate potential customers. I have done business with clients whose views differ greatly from my own. Some of these have been mutually rewarding business relationships. So just agree to disagree and move on with business.

2) Sell, sell, sell

Research shows that hard sell is not effective in social marketing. This is especially true if you’re marketing to “millennials,” who have a very low BS Tolerance Factor. How did you feel when you were engaged in a meaningful online dialog, and suddenly someone broke in with LOSE WEIGHT FAST! Were you tempted to follow that link, or did you just delete it?

The best way to reach your audience is to provide “news they can use.” Offer tidbits of wisdom. Share things you have learned that have made your life better. Build trust. Then, when you share a product or ask them to link to your business page, they are more likely to respond in a positive manner.

3) Spewing hateful venom

Hate speech against minorities, religions, sexual preferences, and other forms of bigotry will send your followers scrambling for that “Unlike” button. It can even get you shut out of social media sites. Don’t do it. Period.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlways use common sense, common decency, and common courtesy in your social media posts. You just can’t be too common these days. When in doubt, pictures of your pets always work in your favor.

Here is the late, great Mango watching Cat TV in the back yard.

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