Photo by L.A. Smith.

Why Outsource PR and Business Writing?

Some large and mid-size companies have their own in-house marketing, PR, and advertising departments. Small companies traditionally outsource their creative needs. In today’s rapidly-changing business world, many of the larger companies are switching to outsourcing. Which approach is best for your company?
Here are some spot-on reasons to outsource your PR and business writing needs:

You don’t enjoy writing. 
Let’s face it; your business occupies most of your working hours. Spend those hours on things you enjoy and do well. Immerse yourself in the most rewarding parts of your business, and leave the writing and promotion to us.

Your time is precious. You need to work on growing your business. We can help you make time for that by overseeing your content and promotional needs. Free yourself to be the master of your domain.

You’re not the greatest writer. 
You’re a leader in your field, a dynamic public speaker, crackerjack negotiator, and first class businessman, but your writing skills just don’t measure up. That’s okay. Not everyone was born to write. Put your writing into the hands of pros.

You enjoy making money. By outsourcing, you can reduce overhead and administrative costs. No need to maintain in-house writers and PR pros. Cut out the paperwork, costly benefits, and tax reporting. Or just save hours of your own precious time. Either way, we can work wonders for your bottom line.

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